CBD Salve - Peppermint/Eucalyptus Fragrance

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If relief is what you're looking for let our Peppermint/Eucalyptus Scented CBD Multi-Relief Formula go to work for you.



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    CBD Salve Peppermint/Eucalyptus

    Posted by Kathy Sebusch on 18th Dec 2023

    I have tried CBD from other companies, and they always fell short. The CBD you get here is outstanding. All I can tell you is this stuff WORKS. You have to at least try it to believe it. Don't waste your money on the other.

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    Posted by Brittany on 18th Dec 2023

    I absolutely love this CBD more than any I've ever tried! There is just something different about the quality, because this stuff is awesome! I've had 2 back surgerys now and this has been helping a lot during my recovery this time around and last.

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    CBD salve

    Posted by Carol Meetze on 23rd Nov 2022

    Absolute best relief of arthritic areas

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    CBD 2000mg

    Posted by brittany mclaughlin on 6th Aug 2022

    When some people say all CBD is the same, they have never tried this!! This CBD from here is the only one that helps with my severe pains in my back. I've had a slipped disc during COVID so surgery was delayed and this CBD helped get me through until surgery. I still have a broken part of my back and arthritis all through it and this exact product does better for me on my bad days than ANYTHING else!! If you are looking for quality and a pleasant scent, THIS IS IT!!

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    Gift from God!

    Posted by Tyler K on 3rd Aug 2022

    I started using the CBD salve in November 2021. I suffer from neuropathy from cancer treatments in my hands and feet. Within minutes of putting the salve on the pins and needles in my hands and feet were gone. It was the first time in over a year I didn’t have pain from neuropathy. I ran out of the salve I had, but I was feeling good so I didn’t order any more. About 6 months later I was 2 months into my first full time job since I had cancer. At first the job was amazing and to be honest it still is. Unfortunately due to the neuropathy it was too physical of a job that I didn’t realize until I was doing the job for a while. I had pain and cramping in my feet and legs so bad I was ready to quit. My wife asked if I had any of the CBD salve left, if not we’ll order some which we did. My pain was getting so bad my wife told me to quit the next day. No notice or anything, just done. By God’s grace my boss wasn’t in for a few days. The one day I got home from work and the salve was in the mailbox. Mind you my legs and feet hurt so bad, 20 minutes after putting on the salve I felt wonderful and was out mowing the lawn! It has been a night and day difference using the CBD salve. The salve has truly been a lifesaver(and job saver lol). The owner of the company I work for was working on a new position for me when I started having issues. The salve gave the window for me to transition into a less physical job and continue to life my life to the fullest. It even works on random aches and pains. I was walking around our warehouse today and my knee was a little sore. I rubbed some salve on and a few minutes later my knee felt fine! This stuff is seriously Created By Design!

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    Posted by Britt on 28th Jun 2022

    Love using this to soothe and support sore muscles and injuries. Works wonders on my cranky achilles. 100% recommend .

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    Cbd salve

    Posted by charise taylor on 1st May 2022

    I have multiple family members that have tried the product and really like it so I am marketing the product for you.

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    Excellent product!

    Posted by Siobhan on 15th Apr 2022

    I’ve been using this since August of 2021 and I love it. I use it for chronic back and neck pain.

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    Immediate relief

    Posted by LEONA SMITH on 29th Mar 2021

    Love this!