About Us

We understand that much of the ever-growing CBD market is chock-filled with less-than-stellar, untested, and poorly sourced products, fueling the (misinformed) notion that it’s just a modern-day ‘snake oil’. But those who manage to find legitimate products can readily attest to CBD’s ability to help. 

That’s why it’s vitally important to choose truly well-made, high-quality CBD, and with Created by Design’s family of products, which is exactly what you’ll get. Not only do we formulate our own products (rather than buying from a generic source and re-branding as our own), but we also actually grow our own high-quality hemp and undertake the entire extraction process ourselves at our farm and facilities in beautiful, rural northwestern Pennsylvania. Of course, all products are tested for potency and against impurities by a licensed third-party laboratory.

With love and affection, attention to detail, and open hearts and minds, we are proud to invite you and your family (soon to include pets!) to check out everything Created by Design (C.B.D.) has to offer.